Keeping up with school has been enough to delay the completion of some writing projects. I know, excuses and assholes. The writing therapy workbook is about 85% done. I’m mostly dragging my feet when it comes to writing the intro/outro. Or whatever they call it in book-world. The next Nobody book is almost half written. The first draft, at least. But that’s the hardest part. Brainstorms and outlines for a few more in the works. Some all-day writing sessions would be nice right around now.

Online school will be good for that, hopefully. Out of five classes for the semester, three are already done. Stupid stats class has to be done on Monday and Wednesday each week (barf). Otherwise, another twenty-or-so assignments and I’m done for the semester and will hopefully get some writing done after that.

Is that it? Oh, and maybe a cane ‘fighting’ martial arts video series. Depression has been pretty heavy the last month or so. I should probably say something about it.


I have, um, eight (?) books and a couple albums available at The Walls Instead. It’s my scholarship foundation!


Writing for Healing will probably be stagnant for the next couple months. Until the book is ready. Kisses.

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