Writing Therapy

Develop Your Path to Recovery

Keeping your pain and trauma bottled up has been shown to lead to conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, high-blood pressure, chronic headaches, digestive problems and even reduced lifespan.

Studies have shown writing therapy creates long-term improvement to physical health, emotional well-being and a greater sense of value and purpose.

Founded by author Tweed Jefferson, our system allows you to work at your own page for healing from past trauma, current stressors and addiction.

Our system is always evolving and our therapists have access to regularly updated exercises and writing prompts to help them develop the best system for your particular goals.


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Individual Therapy

The Writing for Healing system is designed to be customized for each participant. When you tell your confidential therapist about your trauma and stress, they’ll design a six-week program to help you achieve your goals.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore several forms of writing to find what works best for you, including poetry, short stories, journaling and free-association.

Once you’ve completed our six-week program, we’ll provide you with additional activities and writing prompts to continue working on your own. Don’t worry, you can always schedule follow-up appointments with your therapist for feedback on your writing or to help keep you on track.

Therapist Certification

As a therapist or psychologist, the more tools you can utilize to help your clients, the better. Our system is available to therapists for incorporation into existing procedures for patient care.

You’ll complete the six-week client program first, then you’ll be provided with the therapist’s handbook, featuring dozens of activities and writing prompts to help you customize therapies for your clients.

If you’re looking to begin a new career as a therapist, you can get certified as a writing therapist through the International Writing Therapy Association. We’ll give you the tools you need to begin your own six-week programs and add you to our therapists database to help you find clients.

No previous experience or licensure necessary.

Publishing Assistance

Do you have a story to tell?

Have you always wanted to write a book?

Sharing the stories of your personal experiences can help others find relief from their own pain and traumas.

Participants in our program will have exclusive access to our experience editing, formatting and publishing. We’ll help you plan your book and, once you’ve written it, we’ll help you with layout and publishing.