Now that I have the ‘curriculum’ for the six-week program mostly figured out, I was thinking about making a writing therapy workbook to go along with it. A regular notebook would work just fine, but maybe having a special book for the purpose with various writing prompts in it? That could be encouraging. I should go full-cheese and put inspirational quotes throughout.

In an hour or so, I’ll drive up the mountain and then go full manic on this idea in InDesign. It shouldn’t take but a couple of full days to lay it all out. Maybe today/tomorrow and this weekend? I need to do some statistics homework today and tomorrow. My only class that doesn’t let me do things on my schedule.

Wish me luck, I’ll try get it available to order in the next couple of weeks.


Poll: Which method do you think you’d prefer?

  • Fully independent, book guided writing therapy lessons.
  • Six weeks working with a coach for thirty minutes per week, then self-directed.
  • Working with a coach for fifteen-to-thirty minutes each week indefinitely.



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